Procurement documents

Procurement procedure: Výstavba provizorní menzy (2)

Document information

Name: P4_ZD_Vykaz vymer_MENZA
Reference number in the filing service UKRUK/521711/2021-6
Identifier in filing service 1003136670
Document published on Profile: 04.01.2022 16:35:51

Actual file version

File name: Dokument MS Excel P4_ZD_Vykaz vymer_MENZA.xlsx
Size: 597.33 KB
Actual file version: 04.01.2022 14:47:46
MD5 hash: 276a1844f5be8a85636559e6c6422ac1
SHA256 hash: 1fa3959fc76234b144d392de6f945595723a215b0ca95056d4df48a5a1c69e5a

File history

Date Name Description Document type File name Size
V 04.01.2022 14:47:46 P4_ZD_Vykaz vymer_MENZA procurement documents - P4_ZD_Vykaz vymer_MENZA.xlsx 597.33 KB

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