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Zadávací řízení CU Rectorate Central Library – Programming Services for Digital Repository of CU
Odesílatel Petr Urválek
Organizace odesílatele Univerzita Karlova, Rektorát [IČO: 00216208]
Příjemce Všichni (včetně veřejnosti)
Datum 10.01.2022 18:10:22
Číslo jednací ve SpSl UKRUK/434337/2021-13
ID ve SpSl 1003148013
Předmět Re: Žádost o vysvětlení zadávací dokumentace

Dear contractor,

We hereby provide the clarification below:

Charles University, Central Library does not plan for any future migration from DSpace 6.x to DSpace 7.x, at least not in a short-term horizon (at least 2 to 3 years from now). Charles Univesity, Central Library currently handles both technical administration (technical infrastructure, server + SW administration and updates for newer version v DSpace 6.x) and content administration by itself or in cooperation with the Computer Science Center of the Charles University.

Any contract focused on a migration from DSpace 6.x to DSpace 7.x and / or additional services, such as long-term provision of DSpace as SaaS, long-term contract for any future customizations, etc., would be (and has to be) subject of a separate Tender. No such Tender was conducted in the past, nor it is underway right now. All Tenders centered around CU Digital Repository (DSpace 6.x) were focused on development of custom functionality which was subsequently deployed to the production environment by the Charles University employees.

With that said, Charles University, Central Library is for now only interested in the provision of the programming services by the Supplier that would result in development of the functionality described in the Invitation to Tender and its Annexes.

Resulting functionality should be based on the current CU Digital Repository code, based on the DSpace 6.3 code. If the Supplier within this tender wants to get access to the CU Digital Repository code, Charles University, Central Library can provided the access to its GitHub repository for a single account per supplier for the duration of this Tender. In case you are interested in getting access to the CU Digital Repository Github repository, please contact us and provide a valid GitHub account that could be provided with a Read access to our repository.

When the winning Suplier is choosen, access to the GitHub repository (for the purpose of developing the functionality needed) will be provided only to the winner of the Tender. Charles University, Central Library suggests that the development will be conducted on top of the current `master` branch of the CU Digital Repository code. The new funtionality should be preferrably submitted to the CU Digital Repository GitHub repository in a separate branch.

Původní zpráva

Datum 10.01.2022 13:01:04
Číslo jednací ve SpSl UKRUK/434337/2021-12
ID ve SpSl 1003147294
Předmět Žádost o vysvětlení zadávací dokumentace

Dear All,
Reading carefully the specifications dictated by the call for tender, it appears to the present proposer that these specifications could be improved and in any case optimised with a view to implementing a repository for Charles University.
Based on our experience, the subject of the proposal could be not only these suggestions for possible improvements, but also a project roadmap that includes a future migration to the latest DSpace version, a migration that would resolve certain conflicts that arise with the specifications dictated by the institution.
The Tenderer is then asked if there is, in the future plans, a provision for a full migration to a DSpace 7.x repository and updated versions, and if this has already been agreed/assigned to a DSpace certified provider: this information is very important and fundamental to be able to propose the best solution considering its feasibility and consistency.
Many Thanks